Is there something wrong, you haven't been on all week?

Same answer, don’t feel that happy to be there any more, and if I did, I wouldn’t feel welcome *shrug*

Why don't you come to EQAD anymore :(?

Stuff happened, I got kicked from some of my favourite channels, I fell out with ponies, I just thought, meh I’m going to stop it, I needed to concentrate on studies, and when I get time to go on, I just don’t feel that real… urge to any more… I’m sorry, I will miss you all loads, and I might come on one day, but until then, see you.

Assassins or Templars


Cake or Cake


Which is the best kinda shark? And which is the best princess?

Umm… i don’t know much about sharks… a … Tiger Shark? off the top of my head… something i am certain on though…. is Luna is the best princess!

Why you're always having sex with somepony?... not that it's a problem

Well a simple answer is that, it is fun :)

Inky blinky pinky or clive


Apple or Melon?

I <3 Melon

Cloud or blanket? Which one do you prefer?

Funny enough, being a pegasus, i prefer snuggling up in blankets *shrug”

i cant wait for when your gonna get me tonight :3 *runs far away*

I bet you can’t… *rubs her hooves and gallops after him* .